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We manufacture high quality, aluminum and plastic doors and windows, both standard and individual sizes, with a variety of modifications, at minimal prices.

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  • loggia glazing
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  • loggia glazing

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  • windows and doors
  • windows and doors
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Only with us high-quality, wood-aluminum thermal-profile windows and doors

Want your windows and doors to stand out from everyone?
Do not miss the chance! Order the high-quality, wood-aluminum thermal-profile windows and doors in Lazi

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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • What are wood-aluminum doors and windows?

    This is a system of windows and doors, which is a combination of wood and aluminum and which ideally combines these two materials. For many centuries, we know that wood is an environmentally friendly building material, which is characterized not only by high stability and elasticity, but also creates a pleasant and warm atmosphere in residential premises.
    Aluminum is a modern high-tech material: versatile, very lightweight and at the same time quite durable in bad weather, it optimally protects like a tree bark.
  • What are the advantages of wood aluminum windows compared to wooden or plastic windows?

    The advantages of wood-aluminum windows include:
    1 - almost unlimited service life;
    2 - a variety of aluminum surfaces (you can choose more than 250 colors);
    3 - wider and, therefore, the use of warm double-glazed windows, whose width is 44 mm or more;
    4-aluminum surface perfectly protects the tree from the effects of atmospheric changes and increases the service life?
    5- No need to restore the surface of windows outside;
    6 - installation of wood-aluminum windows significantly increases the commercial value of burial site (residential building, cottage, apartment or office);
    7 - guarantee for wooden-aluminum windows from 5 years.
  • How much are wood aluminum windows compared to wood and plastic windows?

    The cost of wood aluminum windows can be accurately calculated based on the configuration of windows, types of openings, wood species, color of aluminum and other indicators. Therefore, it is rather difficult to answer this question ... We can always calculate several cost options, and you just need to choose the one that suits you.
    We are sure that the cost of wood-aluminum windows compared to wood will not scare you. But due to the high level of reliability of wood-aluminum windows and easy maintenance, you can be sure that they will quickly pay back the cost.
    And wood-aluminum windows never need to be painted.
  • How long can wood-aluminum windows last?

    Wood-aluminum windows will last you a very long time, because they are made of environmentally friendly materials. Aluminum protects wood like tree bark. Warranty for wood-aluminum windows begins - from 5 years.

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