• Glass partition
  • Glass partition

Glass partition

23.03.2020 15:15

Glass has long been a leader in the field of home interior and exterior; glass is also widely used in the manufacture of furniture and interior items. Glass partitions are a big advantage in this regard. The combination of functionality and beautiful appearance captures the hearts of consumers.


Glass railing

23.03.2020 14:59

Glass railings are actively used both in residential and in public buildings, whether it is a private house, office building or a shopping center. Glass railings harmoniously complement the interior and visually increase the space. You can order glass railings for construction and installation on stairs, balconies and roofs, in shopping centers, etc. We are ready to develop a project of any complexity

  • Mirror glazing
  • Mirror glazing

Mirror glazing

11.09.2019 14:06

Mirror glass package not only significantly changes the appearance of the building, but also helps to maintain the privacy of life that extends beyond its walls. The windows of such mirrored glass bags effectively prevent harmful infrared radiation, regulate the amount of heat received in the room, and, most importantly, completely prevent the penetration of natural light into the building. The latter is especially important in cloudy weather.

  • Thermo glazing

Thermo glazing

11.09.2019 13:32

Energy conservation excites everyone. And this is not surprising, because gas and electricity tariffs adversely affect the family budget. Installing an energy-saving glass bag is an important step in saving on utility bills.

  • Decorative glazing
  • Decorative glazing
  • Decorative glazing

Decorative glazing

10.09.2019 20:36

Virtual partitions are an integral part of a decorative glass bag. It is also decorative support elements that reflect the traditional design of the glass and make it surface. Installation of virtual partitions is carried out directly on the double-glazed window, both inside and outside, regardless of whether it is plastic windows or wooden.


Glass doors

10.09.2019 19:53

Glass doors give the room or office a unique look. Without them, it is impossible to imagine either a modern office interior or a living room. And this is not surprising. Glass structures have an excellent feature of dividing space without creating visible borders. The use of glass doors in the room will create additional visual volume and complement it with light. Thanks to their aesthetic properties, glass doors are suitable for any design

  • სტანდარტული  მინა პაკეტი

Standard glazing

10.09.2019 19:28

The standard double-glazed window of which consists of an external tempered glass and an internal low-emission ultraviolet. The space between the glasses is filled with inert gas