Mosquito net

  • Sliding mosquito net
  • Sliding mosquito net

Sliding mosquito net

11.09.2019 15:48

An insect mosquito net is suitable for balcony doors or windows and protects the environment from external influences. It is used to protect against insects, as well as from street dirt. The mosquito grid slider is an excellent protective barrier against external adverse climatic influences.

  • Hinged mosquito net

Hinged mosquito net

11.09.2019 15:17

Insect hinge mosquito net on the balcony door or window due to its lightness and special structure, it is simple and practical to use and well protects against insects and dust.

  • Frame mosquito net

Frame mosquito net

11.09.2019 14:38

Insect nets are the most common nets for windows. The frame can be plastic, but aluminum is more reliable and durable in difficult climatic conditions. It perfectly protects against excess insects and at the same time transmits light well.