Aluminum thermo profile windows is one of the most popular among windows used for office, residential and industrial premises. Aluminum windows are an excellent solution for complex and individual architectural projects.The unique properties of aluminum make it possible to produce windows of various sizes and shapes.
It is also possible to manufacture aluminum windows using additional materials such as plastic or wood. The versatile aluminum-plastic bag with double glazing protects the room from dust, street noise and retains heat as much as possible. Wooden aluminum windows are suitable for those who want to decorate the interior of the room in a classic style. In this case, wood is used in the inside of the profile, and aluminum in the outside.
Aluminum windows are made of two types of profiles: warm and cold. The main difference between a warm profile and a cold one is the presence of a special thermal break. Insert made of polyamide or fiberglass or the so-called Heat stroke insert. Aluminum windows with a warm profile are protected from freezing in the cold season. Warm profiles are used for rooms with aluminum structures, for which noise and heat insulation windows are required